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Zeppelin Collectibles :: -ZEPPED IN 1970 – At 15!!

-ZEPPED IN 1970 – At 15!!


ZEPPED IN 1970 – At 15!!


By Brad Case

I KNEW having a dad in local radio would come in handy someday! Having just turned 15 a few days earlier, I heard that "popular new British hard rock band" Led Zeppelin was coming to Houston's Hofheinz Pavilion on March 29, 1970, and I was determined to go, thereby making this the FIRST ever concert I would ever attend!


Armed with a plaintive "pretty please" and a well-worn copy of the first Zep platter, I approached dear ol' Dad with what I considered to be a rather huge request: TWO freebies to the show! I had a particular girl in mind to accompany me to my "cherry-popping" first-ever live gig, and I was anxious to show off my ticket-acquiring ability, my taste in new, cutting-edge music and one of my cherished recent Christmas presents, a pair of long-range binoculars.


I knew Dad could score the ducats from his job in sales at one of the city's radio stations, so I asked my friend Val to the show even before he had them (Dad always comes through!). Sure enough, he got the hard-to-score tix, and much to my surprise (and bragging rights!), they were FLOOR SEATS!! No hipper could I have been, save for being Plant's hip-hugger caddy!





Val was duly stoked at my ticket-procuring prowess, and I was nose-in-the-air proud as I led her down onto the same floor Elvin Hayes used to dunk on for the University of Houston. Upon finding our seats, I recall the arena darkening, and a booming voice proclaiming, "Ladies and gentlemen, KILT proudly presents an evening with Led Zeppelin!" Just them, no opening band, no set-change intermission. I remember the loudness, but I don't recall it being painful (aural pain would come several years later at a T. Rex concert!). This show was special for all the reasons a Zep fan could guess, but made that much more special for me by the fact that it became the first of what would ultimately be several hundred concerts, shows, club dates, etc that I would experience over   subsequent years!


I distinctly remember Page's violin bow attacks, Bonham's drum solo(s), and an especially long "Lemon Song"! To begin a couple decades of prolific concert-going with Led Zeppelin is a pretty cool personal legacy, even though I may not have known just how many (if any!) more concerts I would see. I've never considered myself a rabid, "flag-waving" Zep fan (those emotions I would later save for fellow Anglos Tull, Genesis and others), but I know I owe a debt of gratitude to Messrs. Jones, Plant, Bonham and Page for taking the fledgling musical tastes of a "thirsty" Houston teen and hurtling them headlong into a future of intense personal enjoyment of the music of a quarter-century......oh, and thanks again, Dad!

March 29, 1970 University of Houston Daily Cougar Newspaper Advertisment


Brad Case was a frequent Merit Adventures part-timer, whose experience in music stemmed from his initial involvement in Houston radio. A move to LA to work in the record industry honed his skills, and he regularly helped the Merit Adventures team on the West Coast. His writing skills are most appreciated, as well as his contribution regarding his Led Zeppelin odyssey!


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