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-Who is Rick Barrett?
-“Rick & Sean’s Excellent Adventure”
-The "Object": Real or Repro?
-In Through The Out Door Album Covers
-John Paul Jones Attends the KLSX Classic Rock Expo
-Led Zeppelin’s Buffalo, New York Connections
-Richard Cole Interview
-ZEPPED IN 1970 – At 15!!

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Zeppelin Collectibles :: -Who is Rick Barrett?

-Who is Rick Barrett?



The name Rick Barrett is widely considered to be THE expert in the field of Led Zeppelin
memorabilia. Known to thousands all over the globe, his name is recognized and equated with knowledge of Zeppelin collectibles. Here are a few highlights of his activities in the Led Zeppelin collecting arena:


·          Rick Barrett has dealt in collectibles for over 35 years, and previously owned a memorabilia business called Merit Adventures that had the largest selection of Led Zeppelin-related collectibles in the world! At their peak they had over 2,200 DIFFERENT Led Zeppelin items! During the 1990's Rick's extensive all-Zeppelin catalogs were sent out every other month to collectors around the world in more than 30 countries.

When compiling the booklet for Led Zeppelin's Box Set Two, Atlantic Records contacted Rick for his assistance. He provided insight and rarities from his own personal collection for that project and was credited by Atlantic in the Box Set 2 booklet.
  Rick has contributed to over 20 different Led Zeppelin books, magazines, and fanzines; his expertise on Zeppelin collectibles has been published internationally including Guitar World, Goldmine Magazine, Discoveries Magazine, and several collectors magazines in Asia.
Rick's extensive Led Zeppelin collection was on display in several cities as a
"Led Zeppelin Museum"
Rick attended six different Led Zeppelin conventions in 1988 (New Jersey
Meadowlands), 1992 (London, England), 1996 (Cleveland, Ohio), 1997 (Niagara
Falls, New York), 1998 (Cleveland, Ohio), and 2000 (Cleveland, Ohio)
Rick has been collecting autographs in-person since 1970; he has met Robert Plant several times, as well as Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. Here are pictures of (from left):
Rick Barrett with Robert Plant at hotel Tulsa, Oklahoma 2005
Dreamland flat signed by Robert Plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma 2005
Rick Barrett and Robert Plant at Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas 1993
Rick Barrett and Robert Plant at The Summit in Houston, Texas 1985


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