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Rick Barrett is considered to be a leading expert in the field of collecting Led Zeppelin items. This website offers a wide range of awesome Zeppelin Collectibles for sale, for the novice to hardcore collector. There are also several illustrated feature articles that provide various insights into Led Zeppelin and collecting their memorabilia. If you have any questions, please email; otherwise enjoy the site!


The RAREST Led Zeppelin Record Album in THE WORLD!


Front Cover and Test Pressing LP:


Front: Lower Left & Lower Right Hand Corners:


Back Cover 1:


Back Cover 2:


Back Cover 3:


Letter From Atlantic Records:


1993 Rick Barrett Catalog Zep-122 Cover:


This is an INCREDIBLE item! It is an OFFICIAL promotional Led Zeppelin album that was NEVER RELEASED by Swan Song Records! This rarity, titled “Led Zeppelin Past, Present and Future” has an amazing full color cover and a test pressing of a 1979 interview with Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. The front shows the famous Michael Ochs photo (in color!) of Led Zeppelin standing in a field, while the back has five interesting and revealing paragraphs of liner notes along with record company information.

This was to be a promotional-only release of an interview conducted at the August 11, 1979 Knebworth Festival concert, providing “true insight into Led Zeppelin”. Coordinating the conversation was J.J. Jackson, then of KLOS Radio in Los Angeles and later one of the first MTV VJ’s. The project got so far as a cover being designed by Led Zeppelin’s record company and a number was assigned (Swan Song PR-342) for production to continue. However the venture was scrapped and other than a very few test pressings, records were never manufactured; all covers were destroyed except just three that are known to exist!

This cover (and the other two known to exist) all came from the private collection of an employee who was working at Atlantic Records in the 1970’s; a letter on record company stationary confirms that “These came from the Atlantic Production Department. The album was never issued and the remainder of the jackets were destroyed.”

I, Rick Barrett, acquired all three covers of “Led Zeppelin: Past, Present, and Future” in 1993. One was immediately offered to the buying public after being pictured on the front cover of his “Super Led Zeppelin Collectibles” specialty catalog (Number Zep-122). Soon thereafter, two test 12” test pressing LP’s with the number PR-342 scratched onto the runoff area of the records were uncovered (one in my own personal collection!) and those discs were then paired up with the two remaining rare covers. Eventually one was sold to a collector in Texas in March of 2000, and a Japanese buyer purchased the other one nine months later; both of those covers WITH test pressings sold for $5,000.00 each. The entire story behind this was documented in “Sonic Boom, The Impact of Led Zeppelin, Volume 1 (Break & Enter)” published in 2008 by Frank Reddon. (Pages 372-373)

This remarkable rarity is also mentioned in the book “Then As It Was: Led Zeppelin at Knebworth 1979, 30 Years Gone” (Page 237) published in 2009 by renown Zeppelin author and expert Dave Lewis. It includes a picture of the album cover and states that this is “One of the rarest Zeppelin collectibles.” That is followed by some erroneous information regarding the initial acquisition of the covers, which is correctly stated above. Dave’s terrific Limited Edition numbered hardcover however does indicate that the proper value of a complete set (album cover with record) would be £6,000.00 (British Pounds), or about $8,850.00…and that was six years ago! Some of the same information is also in Lewis’ excellent 2003 book “The Tight But Loose Files; Celebration II” (Page 62).

It has been an honor to once again sell one of only two complete “Led Zeppelin: Past, Present and Future” albums (rare cover + test pressing LP); it was offered here in the spring of 2015 on behalf of the original 2000 Texas buyer; the new purchaser received:

a) The “Led Zeppelin: Past, Present and Future” LP cover, which is still in Excellent Condition with VERY minor edge wear on the spine (Mint- to Mint)

b) The original white label test pressing record (with matching PR-342 scratched in the runoff on both sides of the LP!) that is also still in Excellent Condition (Mint)

c) A Xerox of the original letter on Atlantic Records stationary to Rick Barrett dated February 12, 1993 detailing the origin of the album covers accompanies the set; the back of this Xeroxed letter has a copy of the Atlantic Records envelope sent to Rick Barrett postmarked ebruary 13, 1993

d) A complete “Super Led Zeppelin Collectibles” specialty catalog (Number Zep-122) issued by Rick Barrett in the spring of 1993; this has a picture of the “Led Zeppelin: Past, Present and Future cover on the front (which sold WITHOUT an accompanying record)



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